About Us

After creating media content for over 30 beauty/wellness DTC brands, I found myself disillusioned by the endless product choices and beauty trends.

This led me to carve out a new path, one that speaks to women who value authenticity over fleeting trends. Those who want to look good but also be smart and make conscious purchasing decisions without over-consuming. My background as a chemist, combined with a deep-rooted passion for creative authenticity, inspired the creation of Aura of Eden.

We don't believe in being soulless and just selling products. Our mission is to carefully select products that are truly worth your money and time. Our curated collection is intentionally smaller, as every product earns its place through rigorous research, testing, and a whole lot of love. We're constantly evolving our offerings, phasing out what doesn't measure up, and introducing new, exciting finds that make the cut.

Consider us your straightforward, smart beauty BFF. We're here to guide you through the clutter of endless options, ensuring each beauty product you get from us is truly the best. Let's embark on this journey and glow up together!

From J, the chemist and creative force behind Aura of Eden.